Understanding Cemeteries

A cemetery is sacred ground. It is a special place for the interment of loved ones passed. Cemeteries hold family histories, cherished memories and links to our past. Public or private, large or small, simple or very elaborate, they provide a peaceful place of reflection and remembrance for generations to come.

The Dignity Memorial® network includes cemeteries throughout the United States and Canada—including some of the more beautiful cemeteries in all the world. Our non-denominational cemeteries serve people of all cultures and faith backgrounds. Many include sections or gardens dedicated to celebrating certain religious or ethnic groups. Many cemeteries include children’s gardens and veterans memorials. Some even have pet graveyards.

When you are planning a funeral with a Dignity Memorial provider, you may need to consider purchasing cemetery property. Many of our funeral homes are closely affiliated with cemeteries, but we will work with any cemetery you choose—even one that is far away. We are experienced in national and international transfers as well, so you never need to worry.

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Find a cemetery near you

The Dignity Memorial network comprises hundreds of cemeteries in North America, and each one is a unique representation of the lives of loved ones honoured there. Whether small, large, historic or modern, our cemeteries pay tribute to the lives and legacies of the community they call home. No matter where you live, you are likely to find a beautiful Dignity Memorial cemetery near you.

Start with our location search tool to find cemeteries in your area, and remember that the best way to experience a cemetery is through a personal tour. Once you find a cemetery near you, contact your Dignity Memorial provider for information. Someone will be happy to answer your questions and show you around.


Cemetery lots and grave plots

Traditional in-ground interment and cremation burial require a grave plot, which is simply a bit of land in a cemetery or graveyard. When a casket or urn is placed in the ground, and landscaping is restored, a cemetery plot is a permanent place of remembrance. Types of cemetery lots include single plots (for the burial of one person), side-by-side or companion plots (two lots located beside each other, so that a husband and wife, for example, can be buried side by side in separate caskets), and double-depth plots (a single plot that accommodates two casket burials, one on top of the other). Some cemeteries offer smaller plots in an urn garden for the burial of cremated remains or allow multiple cremations to be buried in a single regular-size plot.

Whether you would like to plan ahead or need help finalizing a final resting place now, our associates are here to help you find the best option for you or your loved one.



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Types of cemetery property

There are many types of cemetery property, and Dignity Memorial cemeteries offer a wide range of interment options. Personal preference, religious customs and family traditions influence the kind of final resting place options you might choose.

Ground plots for traditional burial and burial of cremated remains, and lawn crypts or mausoleum crypts for aboveground entombment are all common choices. A family seeking exclusivity might opt for a private family estate or custom family mausoleum. The burial grounds may feature cremation options such as niches in a columbaria, a scattering garden, cremation memorial benches and more. Additionally, all of our cemetery property can be personalized to represent the unique personality of your loved one.



Cemetery property costs

Many factors come together to determine the cost of a final resting place. The type of cemetery plot you choose as well as the location of the cemetery can be contributing factors. Customization options can also be included in the cost. With myriad choices, our associates can walk you through all of your burial options to find the perfect cemetery options for your needs—and we'll work within your budget, too. Prearranging can help lock in today's prices protecting you and your loved ones from financial burden in the future.


Create a lasting legacy

Many people don't realize the significance of choosing a final resting place. It is an important step in creating a family legacy, establishing a place of remembrance for future generations and paying tribute to a special life. Your Dignity Memorial professionals are here to help.

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Veterans cemeteries

Men and women who serve in the military deserve a special honour for their dedication and sacrifice. The National Cemetery Administration maintains 135 national veterans cemeteries in 40 states and Puerto Rico. Many states also have established state veterans cemeteries. Additionally, many of our Dignity Memorial cemeteries offer dedicated sections with military memorials. Whether you'd like to learn about these special sections in a Dignity Memorial cemetery or other veterans cemetery, our dedicated providers work with your family and the cemetery of your choice to ensure servicemen and servicewomen get the recognition to which they are entitled.


Pet cemeteries

The human-animal bond is a wondrous thing, and in the United States, pets are cherished family members. Pet owners often outlive their beloved companion animals, and many choose to memorialize their sweet friends in a pet cemetery. Though there are graveyards reserved only for pets, some regular cemeteries have special pet sections and even customized graves for animal companions. A pet cemetery typically accommodates graves for dogs, cats and smaller animals like birds or reptiles. Some even allow for cows and horses. Not all Dignity Memorial cemeteries provide pet burials, however. If you’re interested in memorializing your furry (or feathered) friend, ask your local Dignity Memorial provider for help.