Headstones, Markers and Monuments

Choosing a final resting place, whether for a loved one or for yourself, is an important decision. Once that decision is made, a special monument to mark that space is one of the most personal and unique ways to commemorate an individual, couple or family. A memorial can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.


To help you fully understand your choices, we have created a free step-by-step guide to choosing cemetery property. This guide walks you through burial and cremation options and types of memorials for yourself or your loved one. From granite headstones, bronze markers and cremation benches, it will help you discover the choice that best fits your personal wishes, family preference and cultural traditions.

If you are interested in pre-planning your own memorial, the guide can serve as an informative source. When you're ready to get started, a Dignity Memorial® professional can answer your questions and walk you through the planning process to help ensure your wishes are followed.


Typically used to mark a ground burial, a headstone, also called a gravestone, is a carefully selected piece of granite that is cut and polished. It sits at the head of a grave space and can memorialize a single person or celebrate the lives of two or more people. Chosen for its permanence, granite is available in various colors and designs. Once you choose a headstone, it can be personalized with names, dates, symbols, illustrations and more. Not all cemeteries allow for headstones so be sure to ask when you’re looking at cemetery property.

Grave markers

For a number of reasons, including ease of maintenance and property aesthetics, some modern cemeteries feature only flush markers. Typically made of granite or bronze, a grave marker may be smaller than a headstone, but it still allows for personalization. Flush and bevel markers both sit at the head of a burial space. The tops of these grave markers are parallel with the ground. Bevel markers are taller than flush markers and have beveled edges, as opposed to the straight edges on a flush marker. Both flush and bevel markers come in a variety of colors and can be custom-etched to display names, dates, faces, illustrations and other reflections of a life lived.

Upright grave monuments

An upright granite monument is a truly stately memorial choice. Larger than a headstone or grave marker, an upright monument is a polished slab of granite that stands upright on a granite base. Like a headstone, it can memorialize a single person, companions or even a family. Upright monuments come in different sizes and colors and have plenty of space for personalization. Some simply feature a person’s name and dates of life; others reflect a passion or personality in a heartfelt or even funny way. Not all cemeteries allow for upright monuments so be sure to ask as you explore property choices.

To find out more about your options for headstones, grave markers and upright monuments, download The Buyer's Guide to Cemetery Property for free. It will walk you through your cemetery options, how to make the best decision for yourself and your family and what steps to take next.

Once you review the guide and you’re ready to plan a funeral, cremation service or traditional burial, contact a Dignity Memorial professional. We're here to help.

Create a lasting legacy

Many people don't realize the significance of choosing a final resting place. It is an important step in creating a family legacy, establishing a place of remembrance for future generations and paying tribute to a special life. Your Dignity Memorial professionals are here to help.

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