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We want you to feel confident and comfortable planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one. Use our funeral planning checklist and other resources as a starting point, then contact a Dignity Memorial provider to learn more. We’re here for you when you need us.

Funeral planning can seem overwhelming. Losing a family member is an emotional experience, and grief can make the funeral planning process difficult. Pre-planning final arrangements helps relieve your family of both emotional and financial burdens. However, we also offer support to those who have an immediate need to plan a funeral for a family member or friend who has passed away.

Whatever your need, the Dignity Memorial® network of funeral, cremation and cemetery service providers is here to help. We guide you every step of the way—from choosing between traditional burial planning and cremation, designing a religious ceremony or a celebration of life, and deciding on cemetery property. We even offer grief support services for you and your family. 

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Cremation is an increasingly common choice. Our experts can walk you through the process, from planning a service to choosing cemetery property.


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Traditional funeral

Though cultural and religious traditions and personal preferences inform individual funerals, traditional funerals share some commonalities.


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Cemetery property

A cemetery is sacred ground. It is a special place for the interment of loved ones passed. Cemeteries hold family histories, cherished memories and links to our past. Public or private, large or small, simple or very elaborate, they provide a peaceful place of reflection and remembrance for generations to come.

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We celebrate life

A celebration of life focuses on remembering life in a lively, joyful way. With favourite foods, music, decor and more personalized touches, we can help you create a unique individual celebration.


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Start your funeral planning online

A memorial service should be as unique and special as the person it celebrates. Our online Dignity Planner is a blueprint for designing a personalized service one step at a time.

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Plan a beautiful, personal remembrance

Each life is like no other. Particular passions, milestone moments and legacies created weave together to tell a story that is completely unique. The Insider’s Guide to Funeral & Cremation Planning will walk you through inspirational ideas and the simple steps to planning an unforgettable memorial of a loved one’s life—or your own when you plan in advance. Get started today. Canada

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Funeral costs

How much does a funeral cost? We outline everything you need to budget for when planning a funeral. 

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What to do when someone dies

The stress and grief of losing a loved one can make funeral planning difficult. Let us walk you through all the steps.

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Talking about funeral arrangements

Talking about funeral arrangements can be emotionally challenging. Learn about several ways to bring it up with your loved ones and what to say.

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Choosing and buying cemetery property

Find out everything you need to know about burial planning and purchasing cemetery property, whether you choose cremation or traditional casket burial.

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Funeral poems and readings ideas

A meaningful poem or passage is one way to make a service special. Learn how to choose a reading for your or your loved one’s service.

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How to write a eulogy

This guide will walk you through how to write, prepare for and deliver a meaningful eulogy.

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Cremation vs. burial explained

Cremation or burial is a personal choice. Our guide breaks down the differences between cremation and traditional casket burial, so you can make an informed decision.

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Personalized funeral ideas

A funeral service shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter affair. We design unique funerals that deeply reflect the life lived. Learn how you can plan a personalized funeral service or celebration of life.

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Preparing for death

Preparing for death can be difficult. Use our funeral planning checklist to help pre-plan funeral services, get your financial affairs in order and more.

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Plan a personalized tribute

The Insider’s Guide to Funeral & Cremation Planning equips you with everything you need to plan a lasting memorial. Get your free copy today.